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Due to the covid-19 pandemic, colleges and universities worldwide are closed, and students worldwide were introduced to online and distance education courses. Lovely Professional University has also designed distance education courses for students worldwide, now all these courses were designed while keeping the needs of the students as a priority. All LPU distance education courses are designed and taught by the highly trained professional staff of LPU, students from all over the world are enrolling in these courses every day. Distance education courses provide a lot of flexibility for those students who work full time or students who live in different time zones.

How is the experience of LPU distance education courses?

These courses impart knowledge and skills needed to survive in today’s competitive society, these courses require the same amount of time and effort as normal graduation, or post-graduation requires.

But students can do it while in the comfort of their homes and time schedules.

Online education courses help students network and meet other students from around the world, which opens opportunities for international start-ups and career options.

students are required to meet their deadlines and to be in regular communication with their instructor.

There are several advantages of online learning.

There are many people who want to gain the knowledge and skills offered in graduation or post-graduation but can’t pursue them because of full-time jobs and different time schedules. LPU’s distance educations courses offer opportunities to people who want to pursue their education while working full time.

Some of the advantages are as follows.

1) It helps students elevate their skillset

Distance education courses promote technical skills as they use some mode of technology for content delivery. And according to reports and statistics, by the year 2025 demand for skilled workers will be doubled in our country and will be significantly increased worldwide. Distance education courses promote many technical skills such as video creation/editing, slide presentation, online research, social networking, email correspondence, and many more.

2) Networking becomes easier

Older students in high school or colleges can get in touch with experts of their field of interest, this can help students in job hunting and get career guidance from the best in the industry.

this can also help college students find like-minded people to work on new projects or in implementing ideas to build new start-ups.

3) It accommodates students with special needs

Distance education helps students with special needs.

it accommodates students who have physical disabilities,

and when going to a physical classroom is an issue.

it provides tools for the hearing impaired with the feature of pause, rewind, and recorded lectures

distance education also helps students with learning disabilities by recorded lectures that can be played anytime anywhere.

Online education is continuously adapting to students with special needs.

Time management skills

So, the learner’s study at a specific place and time that too in a conducive environment. The students have a fixed schedule, so studies go as planned. However, online learning is quite different, and the learners must create a conducive learning environment themselves. The learner’s study at any hour of the day according to their schedule. This helps in honing time management skills.

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