Advantages of Cisco Certification CCNA in 2022

What is CCNA certification?

CCNA – Cisco certified network associate offers a variety of technical certifications for networking professionals. The CCNA course online is meant to help students improve, enhance, and evaluate their networking skills. The certificate verifies the holder’s ability to set up, secure, run, and troubleshoot enterprise networks in general. Professionals with the Cisco CCNA certification have a thorough understanding of networking principles. It assists networking specialists in keeping their present skills and knowledge up to date. The certificate broadens job prospects in the networking industry. It will aid in advancing the credential holder’s career, promotions, and new work prospects with larger pay packages.

Job-roles with CCNA Certification:

With CCNA certification, you can apply for various job roles such as: 

  • Information Technology Director
  • Information Technology Manager 
  • Network Administrator 
  • Systems Engineer
  • Senior System Engineer 
  • System Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Information Technology Specialist, etc.

Why Should You Get CCNA Certification?

Various certifications are available to help you become a professional in the field of computer networking. These credentials are required to acquire your ideal career and improve your present technological expertise. The IT field has gained global competitiveness, and experts must incorporate extra or updated information.

This qualification will provide you with an up-to-date and in-depth understanding of the work market.

These days, technology is growing fast, and all professions must stay up with the latest innovations. The CCNA certification and the associated 200-301 exam provide you with the knowledge and competence you need to stay on top of current trends. The CCNA training may also include information about your professional path and qualifications.

The Cisco certification is the most important stepping stone to other Cisco certifications at a higher level. In reality, the primary goal of this certification is to provide professionals with transitional networking expertise.

Cisco certifications can help you advance your career in the IT business while also ensuring your job security. The CCNA qualification displayed on your resume provides a well-known work alternative for qualified candidates.

A few advantages of obtaining CCNA certification are listed below.

Discover a One-of-a-Kind Learning Network

The Cisco Learning Network is unique as it uses a popular social media site as a learning platform. Wikis, blogging, collaboration, document sharing, and other Web 2.0 features are available in this community. Anyone searching for training and certification, roadmaps, simulation labs, job listings, corporate internships, mentorship, employee recruiting and referral, and much more can access the network. The Cisco Learning Network was created for persons with varying levels of expertise and experience interested in pursuing a career in networking.


Aside from the pay raise, having the CCNA certification allows you to advance swiftly in your career. Obtaining CCNA certification will speed up the promotion process and enable you to advance in your career.

Advancement in your career

Including certificates on your resume or CV can help you advance your career. The CCNA course certification is internationally recognised, which means that your employment will be helpful t practically anywhere you go. Who knows, once you get your qualification, you might even get a raise.

Salary Increase

Your appraisal may be due shortly. As a result, you should add the CCNA certification to your list of accomplishments. Your compensation is likely to increase by almost a factor of two.

Respect amongst the Staff

Obtaining the CCNA qualifications ensures that you will be respected by other members of your organisation’s personnel. This helps you advance in your career.

Excellent Career Prospects

Whether you’re just starting or changing careers, the networking business offers numerous opportunities for advancement. Every day, technology advances, including those for companies and governments who need competent people to manage their network operations and security. In the networking industry, there is still a long way to go.

Cisco certification is designed to meet the demands of today’s IT industry. If you want to invest in yourself, make sure the certificate you choose is worthwhile. The most pleasing thing you can do for yourself is make a suitable investment. The most excellent approach to demonstrate how you measure professional growth is to pass the Cisco 200-301 exam and become certified in CCNA.

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