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How African Energy Chamber and NJ Ayuk gained supremacy while putting African interests and Global environment on stake!

The recent crisis situation in the global oil and gas industry emerged as a long anticipated opportunity for the African governments to limit the utilization of fossil fuels, while paving way for the Green New Deal.

This way, they could’ve strengthened their bid to save the planet while infusing new life in the economy at the same time. That said, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the African Energy Chamber think otherwise. 

The recent crisis has portrayed the Oil and gas industry as a highly untrustworthy source of secured employment for African workers. The ever changing oil prices will keep on hitting the market situation, putting the employment of thousands of workers at risk due to the decreasing industry output. 

Workers would end up with a feeling that once the decision making of this sort is left with CEOs and shareholders who are all game in making profits, creating more employment opportunities would go secondary. This is where a balance needs to be maintained between employment creation and keeping up with the climate crisis.

If NJ Ayuk could’ve stayed as a citizen of United States of America, he would’ve been rooting for the President of the National Refile Association, the Tea party or the US Chamber of Commerce. 

He is conspiring against Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the International Energy Agency and any financial authority that refuses to advocate the usage of Fossil Fuels. As a matter of fact, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, as per the data furnished by tax filings, secured around $3,000,000 in promotional fees paid by random oil and gas companies, LNG Suppliers, Private banks, investment banks and financial advisories. 

He has not unveiled how much cash he has gotten from the very African governments that he censures for not accepting Capitalism, pro Zionist and pro Oil narrative. 

At the point when you contact the individuals who know Mr Ayuk, you will get to witness the functionality of his entire nexus. You will hear words like “don’t let them steal your future” ,”Government and lawmakers are the major issues in Africa” and not the corporate vested interests he boasts about. He boldly pushes Nigerian oil merchants to procure certain contracts for crude oil supply against Geneva based firms. 

We reached Mr Ayuk for a meeting and subsequent to paying attention to the inquiries we had for him, he chuckled and said, ” I revel in your hatred because if I weren’t effective, you wouldn’t hate me so please make my day and proceed with your stupid article. I love Africa and I love Oil and Gas “. Ayuk dismissed and hung up. 

A self obsessed media controller!

Mr Ayuk isn’t a Pan African energy ambassador. He is an able media controller, who gets to the skin of media and pushes for American style backing, and an expert speaker who will fantasize about making Africans stay with oil and gas against their own disadvantage instead of seeking clean energy. 

He trashes socialism and quotes it as the biggest reason for Africa’s issues. Mr Ayuk has sold himself and Africans to the oil and gas industry, and they couldn’t have asked for a better promoter for their ill intentions. His call of making energy poverty a thing of past is horrifying and a perfect game plan to hinder the environment crisis action plan.

Here is his playbook, Cape Town and South Africa is a fiasco with Covid. South Africa’s African National Congress has immorally taken care of the Covid emergency. Africa Oil Week chose to move to Dubai which is more secure than South Africa or any African country. Mr Ayuk still stood stuck to his hardball strategies. He went on with his blame games for letting Africa Oil Week shifting to Dubai. He also kick started an African meeting by the Oil industry supported African Energy Chamber called African Energy Week and went head to head with London based Hyve Group and its African Oil Week show. African Energy Week is oil and about Oil and Gas. It steers clear of clean energy. 

African Minister reported their withdrawal from the Dubai meeting. On the off chance that a Minister doesn’t, Mr Ayuk contacts their President and puts pressure. 

Confronting absence of sponsorship dollars from the financial sector, he falls back on his hardball strategies. He undermines the financial sector with a blacklist for not financing African fossil fuels. Try not to accept the issues. That is his whole motive. The AEC simply needs the cash from them and needs it quick. 

He further questions contributors of basic aid to Africa and analyzes them to resemble Guyanese faction pioneer Jim Jones who gave individuals kool aid with cyanide in it. How hazardous. For what reason would he say he is disclosing to Africans that they just have a future with Capitalism? 

Denied  denouncing Trump and Big Oil Companies 

The African Energy Chamber has gone through paying a big deal of money to Trump and Biden lobbyist in America to impact decisions that would support the African Oil Industry. Obviously Mr Ayuk and the Oil and Gas industry are frantic and he even employed Trump crusade staff members to work for him as his guides. This move made inner contentions in the African Energy Chamber as he declined to reprimand Donald Trump. He told partners that “that is America’s own internal issue. The AEC won’t be engaged with America’s policy driven issues and condemning any President” said Ayuk. ” we work with Biden, we work with Trump, we work with Exxon, we work with Chevron, we work with Google and Apple as long as they need to support free markets and capitalism in Africa” added Ayuk. Representatives like Samantha Roux, Mickael Vogel, Mandisa Nduli and Zwelahke Gila quit in fight. You may think that he will withdraw from his supportive stand and scrutinize Donald Trump, He indecently will never apologize and rather he multiplied down. Long time partners like Guillaume Doane and Declan Byrne disassociated themselves from Mr Ayuk and the African Energy Chamber. Mr Ayuk proceeds to deny and tenaciously denies any judgment of the Oil and Gas industry. He shamelessly doesn’t have any desire to recognize the role of environmental change in degrading African economies. 

Expert environment groups should realize this he is the most hazardous man in Africa. He has an insane capacity to climate any embarrassment or analysis. Don’t lets his appeal, smiles and magnetism hoodwink you. The African Energy Chamber has lost its ethical position and it needs to push Mr Ayuk to leave. This Organization with an incredible standing for supporting Africa ought not be driven by Mr Ayuk and his colleagues in South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, and Texas. 

When Coronavirus turned into an issue, instead of pushing the Oil and Gas industry to help Africa, Ayuk advocated for a relief package for the oil and gas industry and desire a tax reduction for organizations in light of the fact that the oil organizations had given him his cut. At the point when Africans were requesting support from the World Bank and IMF, Ayuk was pushing a for a tax reduction and waivers for Oil and Gas organizations. He even said, “While the Chamber believes that market forces need to determine the industry’s future and advocates for limited government across the industry, the time calls for urgent actions. We cannot let our companies and industry collapse for the fear of losing jobs and investments that would sustain our economies for decades to come. It is worth bearing in mind, that activity in and income from Africa’s energy sector generates significant amount of demand and services from other non-oil and gas sectors of the economy” 

“Key measures amongst the Africa’s Commonsense Energy Agenda released today are the extension of PSCs and work program adjustments to boost exploration and ensure the resumption of drilling activities. While exploration is a major part of our Call to Action, the Chamber also strongly advocates for tax relief on services companies, reforms of upstream fiscal regimes, banking and financial support, regional content development, incentives to infrastructure projects, and bold actions on removing fuel subsidies”. He further added. This is his position and nobody ought to be tricked. 

A shameless traitor!

He is backed by a bunch of narcissists who attacks individuals that tries to question him. He aggressively battered Equatorial Guinea’s opposition blogger Delfin Mocache Massoko, who set out to scrutinize his companion Gabriel Obiang Lima. Mocache never realized what was sitting tight for him when Ayuk came all guns blazing via a PR assault. 

Mocache didn’t help himself given that his dad is a key cog of the corrupt Equatorial Guinea government and had purportedly gotten payments to join the nation’s tyranny and become a Minister. It is claimed that Mocache struck a deal for his dad to grab a stake in the newly formed government. Ayuk discovered because of his all well associated network inside the Equatorial Guinea security and political nexus and made Mocache deal with it. 

By no means he is a Pan Africanist !

He works with a bigger number of Europeans and Americans than Africans. He doesn’t even promote Africans. He uses foul language in each of his meetings and in the workplace. In case you are German and white, you might land the job with him. Just look at Ayuk’s German lieutenant, Sebastian Wagner who is known for blazing verbal attacks and lectures sprinkled with exclamations against any individual who doesn’t adhere to the instructions from Mr Ayuk or Zion Adeoye, the uncouth Director of the firm. 

The overall functioning of the African Energy Chamber and Mr Ayuk is inconsistent with the requirements of social equity and general wellbeing, the Paris Agreement, and the objective of holding global temperatures back from ascending past 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

The pandemic has push through a critical point that there are two different ways the time of oil may end. There’s the norm way, where we are so overwhelmed by the debacles achieved by our oil dependence—cataclysms in the types of war, political disturbance, and the environment calamities of droughts, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and epidemics—where we cannot do much with oil. 

Also, there is a more deliberate, insightful way, one that accepts equity, value, and supportability. On the off chance that we take that course, the end of oil and gas in Africa will be a pledge to live in harmony with each other and the planet. The decision is upon us, and we should battle it out to save and help the Africans.

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