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4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Red Onion Hair Oil in 2022

Do you know that more than 30 million men and 20 million women suffer from hair loss problems in India alone? With factors like pollution, stress, and irregular sleep patterns, looking your glowing and radiant best is not always easy. This article will help you know how you can get a more appealing look with the help of red onion hair oil.

We often forget to pamper ourselves in the daily hustle-bustle and managing responsibilities. Nowadays, people face frequent hair fall and premature graying at an early age. Many factors contribute to thinning of hair, but the good thing is that the hairs can still be rescued. 

It is never too late to realize the problem and act on it. Proper hair nourishment with the right ingredients might end your hair problems such as hair fall, dry hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, and premature greying of hair. We also recommend spending a few minutes every day on your skincare and hair care routine can provide you with the best of both you may have desired to achieve once in your lifetime.

Now, let’s discuss what is special about red onion for head massage and how it benefits your hair. 

What makes red onion oil beneficial for hair?

Red onion (Also known as Allium Cepa) can effectively cure many hair care issues. It is a time-tested ingredient that contains enriching nutrients such as sulfur, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and antioxidants that contain enhanced antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help restore the health of your hair and scalp. 

Now, let’s know the benefits of red onion oil for hair. 

  1. Repairs damaged hair and restores shine: Constant use of red onion oil helps in reversing the damage caused due to environmental stressors or stress. Applying red onion hair oil to your scalp will help treat hair fall, dandruff, and other scalp infections. It would also nourish your hair, and the antioxidants in a red onion hair oil will also restore the natural shine of your hair and add volume to hair. 
  2. Boosts hair growth: Red onion oil consists of a natural protein called Keratin that has the potential to reverse the condition by activating certain enzymes on the scalp, which helps increase blood circulation, thereby promoting healthy hair growth.
  1. Treats premature greying and maintains hair health: Red onion oil for hair is packed with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that help reverse the premature greying of hair. Red onion oil contains antibacterial properties that help combat the growth of lice and other infections.
  1. Acts as a natural hair conditioner: Regularly oiling your scalp with red onion oil will nourish your hair and reduce dryness and frizz. Enriched with powerful vitamins and minerals, this safe and gentle oil also conditions and softens your hair.

When choosing the best oil for your hair, we recommend using Mamaearth Red Onion Hair Oil. It is made of natural and toxin-free ingredients and provides adequate nourishment to your hair and scalp. It is specially formulated with ingredients Onion Seed Oil, Redensyl, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Bhringraj Oil, and Amla Oil. 

You can make your hair nourished and healthier by following a proper hair care routine. This includes doing a regular massage with onion oil and washing it off with a safe and effective red onion hair shampoo. 

Exploring the benefits of Onion Shampoo 

Now, let’s know the benefits of washing your hair with Onion Shampoo. 

  1. Reduces hair fall: Onion Shampoo is loaded with wheat amino acids that make hair less prone to breakage, thus reducing hair fall and keeping the hair and scalp clean, strong, and nourished.
  2. Makes hair stronger and softer: Onion shampoo is loaded with Plant Keratin which forms a protective layer that strengthens hair roots. Soy Amino Acid is another magical ingredient that combats dryness and maintains hair’s moisture balance, leaving the hair soft and smooth.

Wrapping it up As you decide to provide the best and most nourishing session to your hair, Red Onion Hair Oil and Onion Hair Shampoo by Mamaearth can be incredibly beneficial for your hair. They would help you have stronger, smoother, shinier, and healthier hair. Mamaearth’s hair care products are made from natural ingredients and are thus safe for daily use. The brand plants one tree for every goodness order they deliver in India- and it has already planted over 300000 trees so far.

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