8 Ways To Save On Monthly Bills

8 Ways To Save On Monthly Bills

The cost of living seems to rise all the time. Average people are responsible for many bills on top of rent or a mortgage. You may find yourself in the position of downsizing your life in order to stay afloat. This can be prevented. Savings can be found in numerous corners of your budget and they can be realized with a drop of determination. Maximize the value of your dollar and live comfortably within your means by considering several ways to save.

1. Switch Cell Carriers

Is your phone plan expensive? Many consumers get overwhelmed and do not realize that their current cell phone carrier is overcharging them for their service. Using a smartphone with a good data plan is essential in today’s fast-paced working world. Innovative carriers like Boost Mobile can offer the same comprehensive network coverage as companies that have become household names in the 21st century. The big difference is that the budget-friendly carrier plans can be customized to your phone usage habits and your bill could go as low as $10 per month. Compare plans online and save today.    

2. Evaluate Streaming Services

Video streaming services add up quickly. The combined cost of subscriptions to services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus is no small handful of change. Make sure to unsubscribe before the end of free trial periods for services if you are not fully sold on the television or movie library. You may subscribe to different services seasonally throughout the year when new shows or films are released rather than keep all subscriptions year-round. 

3. Improve Energy Efficiency at Home

Optimizing your home’s energy efficiency is great for your wallet and the environment. Timing your showers, turning off lights during the day, or unplugging energy-consuming appliances when they are not in use are little steps that may add up over time. You could install a smart thermostat and solar power system to save money on energy over time after upfront costs. Track your electricity use habits at home for a week and consider areas where you could shift toward savings.

4. Go Paperless for Utility Bills

Many utility companies allow customers to pay their monthly bills online. This can help you save on potential late fees and possibly automate the task. You can also keep track of changes in monthly charges and explore why they may have gone up. Look for less costly plans and avoid the risk of your check getting lost in the mail.

5. Ask Competitors to Price Match

Don’t be afraid to ask for a more reasonable monthly charge. Competitors may price match or beat each other’s offers over the phone. Talking to a real person at your cable company may enable them to offer a deal that is not programmed in their current system online. The worst they can say is no and it is worth a try. 

6. Find Coupons and Promotional Codes

You may have grown up clipping paper coupons at the kitchen table. Today’s bargain hunting and coupon clipping options are more accessible online. Look for promotional codes and seasonal discounts around major holidays. Always seek out better deals from websites like Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin before you click to purchase. 

7. Don’t Pay Interest on Credit Cards

Pay your credit card bills in full every month to avoid interest payments and protect your credit score. This includes major traditional credit card companies and credit lines that are offered through newer services like PayPal. If you do need to make a larger purchase then look for low or no-interest plans. Also watch your debit card use and avoid overdraft fees by keeping a secure banking app with useful information on your phone. 

8. Buy What You Need 

Make a list, check it twice, and don’t all for snazzy advertisements. If you did not intend to buy more than one item then getting three for the price of two is not an awesome deal for you. Budget applications and spreadsheets can help you to work within realistic margins each month and live with less stress.   

You can save money each month and live freely. Make choices this month to set yourself up for a financially secure future.

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