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Get class 12 commerce subject and exam dates

After completing class 10, students get the chance to select the course of the stream that they would like to study forward in Class 11 and 12. Also, remember that whatever subjects a student opts for in class 11 will be identical in class 12. This is why the selection of the stream needs to be done carefully. Among those various streams, commerce is the most popular one. Class 12 Commerce will be continued after completing the Class 11 commerce. The students will have the same subjects in both years.

But the CBSE Class 12 syllabus for commerce subjects will be different from the class 11 syllabus. So, first of all, students must be aware of the subjects, syllabus, and most majorly, the dates of the CBSE board Exams for commerce subjects.

Here, we will discuss the commerce stream for class 12 in detail and its subjects. We will also discuss the final exam dates of the Class 12 Commerce subjects as released by CBSE.

List of Subjects for Commerce Students

There are altogether five subjects in class 12 Commerce streams and all these five subjects are compulsory for the students. Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies are the mandatory commerce stream subjects. Apart from these subjects, students also need to study the compulsory English Elective or the English Core. And lastly, as the optional subjects, the most major ones are Physical Education, IP, and Mathematics. Now, here let us go through all the subjects included in the Commerce stream one by one.

Accountancy (Mandatory)

Accountancy is one of the significant and mandatory subjects for commerce students. It majorly deals with the recording of the practice. It also outlines the transaction of the business and the trades. Accountancy assists with managing the financial outcomes and establishing the rankings of the finances. Accountancy also includes the classifications and the transaction of the reporting. You will also learn about financial accounting, which helps students learn to prepare reports for individuals or organizations. Accountancy can be further continued in diverse fields such as graduation and chartered accountancy.

Business Studies (Mandatory)

Business is another mandatory subject for commerce students: the in-depth study of the specialties. It is a part of social sciences. Business studies majorly include four fields of study: finance, accountancy, organization, and Marketing. It makes the students understand the in-depth knowledge of a business’s essential functions and foundation, operation, enhancement, communication, strategy, and other commercial activities. Overall, in layman’s language, Business studies are the study of Business and its aspects.

Economics (Mandatory)

Economics is the third major and the compulsory subject of Commerce, which can be explained differently. It is majorly the study of scarcity and how natural resources and all the other resources can be fully optimized. Economics majorly deals with the decision-making of the individual, people, government, etc. It also explains the market’s response to the activities of the individual and the companies. Students can also learn to organize the market and other essential elements such as goods and supplies to get the maximum output.

English (Mandatory)

English is the mandatory subject for Commerce students. They need to compulsorily attend the English course in which they have the option to select either the English core or the English elective. There are no major differences between the English; just the chapters may vary. The major aim of English in the upper class is to check the students’ listening, speaking, and writing capabilities. This also checks the comprehensive skills of the students.

Informatics Practices/ Mathematics (Mandatory)

Informative Practices is another mandatory subject in Commerce stream that can be taken if the student is interested in the software-related stuff. This subject includes the software concepts such as coding, networking, and other coding languages. It is similar to the Computer but does not include the hardware concepts, as it only includes the software. This part is closer to the software as compared to Computer Science.

Apart from IP, students also can choose mathematics instead of IP if they are more interested in the maths sector. Mathematics is one of the crucial subjects for commerce students as it can help a lot with Economics. The mathematics taught to the Commerce students will be more inclined towards the Commerce. This mathematics will be more used in Marketing, Accounting, Sales Forecasting, and Inventory Management.

Physical Education (Optional)

Physical Education is an optional subject for Commerce students. Apart from all, this is also the most scoring subject among all the optional subjects. You do not have to be an expert in the field of Physical Education. You will be majorly taught about physical fitness, body functioning, and the healthy diets that help us to maintain our BMI.

Exam dates

Now, let us go through the Exam dates assigned for each of the subjects of Commerce stream for the Class 12 students. The CBSE board exam will start in May and will complete by June. These dates are for the Term-2 Exam of Class 12, which are declared after the successful announcement of the CBSE Term 1 results for class 12.

AccountancyMay 23, 2022
Business StudiesMay 17, 2022
EconomicsMay 28, 2022
EnglishMay 13, 2022
Information PracticeJune 13, 2022
Physical EducationJune 2, 2022
MathematicsJune 7, 2022

Class 12 Commerce subjects Exam Dates

Therefore, these are the dates for all the different subjects of the Class 12 Commerce. Students can accordingly prepare themselves for the respective exams.


Therefore, the Commerce stream of Class 12 has the same subjects as that you have in class 11. Also, students do not have control over the mandatory subjects, but when it is about selecting the optional subject, students must focus on the most scoring subject. Hence, altogether, students have 5 subjects in Class 12 Commerce course among which three are the commerce subject, one is the compulsory English, and the last one is the optional subject which you can fill up a per your preferences. Make sure that you take up a scoring subject and not the one which is difficult for you to understand.

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