Eugene Bernshtam

Eugene Bernshtam– Examining the Reliability of Real Estate Investments

Many people ponder on whether investing in real estate is a good choice or not. When it comes to commercial or residential properties investments, you should have prior knowledge of the market and its functioning. If you are not into real estate or have a vague idea about it, consulting a professional is a smart move. Your agent or real estate company will be able to help you acquire the information and knowledge you need to make safe and lucrative investments without hassles at all. 

Real estate expert in the USA, Eugene Bernshtam, completed his graduation in finance with a Bachelor’s degree from Loyola Business School. He has also received both series 7 and 63 certifications for selling investment securities and started to work for an investment banking firm directly after college. He subsequently worked for many multinational companies and currently heads the commercial real estate development company Avalon Holdings LLC along with its affiliated entities. 

He is passionate about auto restoration and is a licensed auto dealer with the Illinois Secretary of State. He holds a membership in both the Ferrari Club of America (FCA) and the Lamborghini Club of America. 

He is a consummate professional and often works six to seven days a week. He is fond of creating, and this passion led him to pursue a career in property development. Besides his work, he enjoys traveling, collecting cars, weightlifting, and scuba diving. 

According to him, he believes there are endless advantages of investing in the field of real estate. People need somewhere to live, set up their business, set up for future rentals, or even store their valuable belongings. It is essentially one of the most trustworthy investments that one can make for their future, provided they take recourse to credible sources and agents involved in the field. 

The prime source of income or wealth 

If you are looking for real estate investment, he recommends that it should not be on the top of your list or even too high. During the phases of economic turmoil, the prices of properties have always remained steady. Even if you look at some of the richest people in the world, you will find that most of them have always invested or had real estate as their key source of income. 

According to him, the potential for real estate has been identified by several people even centuries back as a profitable investment. The industry has evolved in a large way, and its profitability and principles remain the same. 

He cites an example to illustrate how lucrative real estate investments can be. A person who is the owner of a single apartment can rent it out. The rent of the month can be used to cover the maintenance costs for many more months. This means that the rent that one accrues in the subsequent months will have the most minimal deductions. This means if one person has five apartments and rents them out, he/she will make a sizable income. 

In his opinion, Eugene Bernshtam believes that real estate is a very good investment, and one should take the help of skilled professionals in the field to make the right investments with time.  

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