Evening Desert Safari - A 6-Hours Thrilling Experience

Evening Desert Safari – A 6-Hours Thrilling Experience

Desert safari is supposed to be an inspiration of the Arabian culture with extra thrill. Where the evening tour is the most experienced tour by the tourists or locals. This tour is cheap as well as comes with amazing opportunities. From thrilling dune bashing to the delicious BBQ Buffet dinner. This tour offers something to everyone and categorized into 4 amazing opportunities. Which is food, thrill, photography and entertainment. In this blog we are telling you about one of the exciting tours in Dubai. Which is the first choice of tourists when they visit the “City of Gold”. Without any further ado let get into it.

The Exotic Insights Of Evening Desert Safari

The sunset view of the Arabian desert is the most beautiful thing that one can imagine. You will also get a chance to admire this opportunity on the desert safari Dubai. Besides adventures, you will get to relish some amazing entertaining shows which are performed by international performers. So let’s get into what exactly this tour gives us in 50 AED. Or if you don’t select the pick and drop option in the inclusion, you will only have to pay 35 AED.

Pick up and Drop Off Service:

This option is amazing for the tourists or international visitors because they have to rent the vehicle so they can explore the tours and amazing attractions in Dubai. But the amazing thing is that this desert safari tour makes things easier for them. 

That Pick and drop service will be provided as per the tourist budget or availability. Either they wanted to be picked on the 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser from this home or hotel. Or  they wanted to be picked by a shared Bus from the centralized location points in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. However, amazing tour operators like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC makes things easier for those who pick a self-drive package. They provided the free parking slot for those who admire the tour by their transport.

Dune Bashing:

When you arrived at the Bedouin-styled campsite by yourself or the vehicle picked you up by the tour operating company. The scene of adventure starts, where the first ride would be the dune bashing on high red dunes of Arabia. Where you will be provided that ride as per your comfort level. Since that ride is dangerous for the people having heart or back issues and the pregnant women. But the standard time duration would be 15-20 minutes. However you can make it 34 or 45 minutes. 

Camel Ride:

After the flavour thrill let’s get the flavour of fun. The reason to make that ride as a package inclusion is to taste the lifestyle of Arabs. Because Camel ride was supposed to be the mode of transport back in the old days.


Many international visitors love to try sandboarding on the enormous mounds of dunes.

Unlimited Refreshments:

When it comes to having unlimited and free tea, Arabian coffee, soft drinks and snacks as the starter. Everyone would love to say yes to desert safari Dubai.

The Photography:

At two points, two photo sessions are the must-try things in Dubai. One is sunrise or sunset photography. If you go for the evening desert safari you will get to admire the sunset but if you go for the morning or overnight camping tour, you will get to relish the sunrise photo session.  The Otherone is the Arabic Costume photography, where the ladies will be provided the Abaya and the men will be provided the Arabic cap to put on.

Live Entertainment Shows:

Finally, the time has come for the grand entertainment shows “ The Live Entertainment Shows’ ‘ are performed in the Bedoiun Camp by the amazing International performers.

Where the number one is the “Belly Dance Shows” which was supposed to be the traditional dance all was the favourite source of entertainment for the Arabs. In the dance a girl shaking her belly on the beat of the music.

The other dance you will get to enjoy is “Tanoura Show” which was supposed to be the Egyptian dance. Where two men wearing skirts and their skirts have lights or fire on and they keep spinning like a gig.

The third show is the “Thrilling Fire Show” which comes with a warning message “Don’t try this at your home or everywhere”. In the fire show, a guy sets a fire from spitting Alcohol in his mouth and also he performs more amazing and thrilling tricks. You will better know when you experience it on your own.

BBQ Buffet Dinner:

The dinner will be served in the middle of these live shows. So you can enjoy the food and the shows at the same time. That dinner contains Arabian, Asian and European cuisines and has separate veg and non-veg dishes. Along with it there will be a giant salad bar and numerous dessert options to eat. After the dinner, you will be dropped safely back to your place where you were picked up.

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