How do NJ Ayuk and AEC constitute a significant threat to African’s future?

How do NJ Ayuk and AEC constitute a significant threat to African’s future?

NJ Ayuk’s and African Energy Chamber have long been the biggest threat to the general interest of the African masses. Even now their shameful acts and gestures proceed in the same direction. NJ Ayuk, a so-called professional lawyer and businessman, gradually became a mascot to all these evil powers (Oil and Pipeline Lobbyists)

While many Africans don’t know that, AEC is backed by US independents and oil companies, which generously fund, network, and back the entity in whatever manner possible. Although it is a sham to openly endorse the AEC’s damaging policies, which go against global net zero carbon plans.

As global warming intensifies and people seems like taking their attention away from fossil fuels, extreme measures are been taken by fascists like NJ Ayuk to back up their claims. For the sake of our planet and global democracy, these people need to be stopped immediately.

This so-called supporter of African masses is scheming against their future and prosperity with his fellow US government stooges and lobbyists.

These lobbyists accuse banks and other financial institutions of “collaborating to refuse finance and investment in fossil fuel businesses” to the detriment of Africans, while displaying no guilt or grace. NJ Ayuk and his associates must understand that Africans are more than capable of making their own decisions about their own destiny.

Limiting investment in Africa Oil & Gas, according to Ayuk, who wants to decarbonize the energy industry, “would hurt and destabilise the global economy.” He advised Africans, on the other hand, to shun “expensive solar and wind.”

Playing in the hands of Oil and pipeline lobbyists

The African Energy Chamber’s President, NJ Ayuk, spoke out in support of the Trans-Saharan Pipeline. Every individual and entity involved in the plot, in his words, ‘welcomed’ the move.

So, it is clearly evident that the African Energy Chamber is unconcerned about the environment or the welfare of African citizens. Africans, according to the African Energy Chamber, can adapt to global warming. Don’t be concerned about the opening of the world’s greatest carbon storage having an impact on the climate. In our opinion, their attack on fundamental environmental review is just another front for the fossil fuel industry.

Plotting to derail COP26

NJ Ayuk’s evil intentions aren’t stopping anytime soon. He has even expressed his displeasure with the highly regarded COP26 summit, which is aimed at settling the global climate catastrophe. He praised Russia and China for opting out of the conference for unavoidable reasons. The message is clear: he supports people who reject such policies. He also works for politicians in the United States who want to disrupt these measures in order to promote climate control.

Lobbying for his Godfathers

Only those with no morals can keep up with Mr. Ayuk’s degree of depravity. He grew up in a world where money and power ruled the rules and laws, and elite status was characterized by being able to get away with things that ordinary people couldn’t. His opponents will be easily defeated by him.

Mr. Ayuk also accuses Europe of pushing its climate change ideology on Africans. Oil and gas development is opposed globally. The creative exploitation of the African Energy Chamber may have unfairly targeted Africans. Individuals in Europe and abroad, on the other hand, are inventing new and effective tactics to oppose African coal, oil, and gas development.

Following the covid-19 incident, we must be prepared to witness more heinous acts in the same setting. Africa’s governments, on the other hand, will undoubtedly confront sporadic threats and opposition to oil and gas development projects. Mr. Nj Ayuk is well aware of the issue and has travelled around Africa to create a supporting environment in his favour.

An anti-democratic law prohibits protests on or near oil and gas installations. Of course, the African Energy Chamber is in favour of any such legislation. However, we must not be complacent and must continue to oppose any such threat with all of our might. As proud citizens, we will do everything we can to defend our country.

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