How NJ ayuk aims to work against the common welfare of millions of African citizens ?

How NJ ayuk aims to work against the common welfare of millions of African citizens?

NJ Ayuk’s nefarious plans to tarnish the African gas and oil industry’s image are slowly getting exposed. Officials from Trump’s administration and conservative groups worldwide clearly recently lent their support to Pro-Oil African Energy Chamber over the London-based hyve group.

I must mention here that African Energy Week was held in Johannesburg November 9-12. Besides, I attended the event with the sole motive of multi-millionaire oil lawyer NJ Ayuk who has been largely overhyped by the western media. He may seem like a kid by the countryside, yet his interpersonal skills and appearance is right up there with the elite personalities. For me, African Energy Week always looked good in Africa than in the US or anywhere else. Still, it s all due to NJ ayuk and his team, the event forcefully shifted to a new venue.

I wanted to check out the notions and perspective put through by the African Energy Chamber. Additionally, I further considered finding the big names behind this huge transformation in this well-known organisation. Regardless, I was fascinated by the glams and glitters of the African Energy Week. On first sight, you will come through some big smiles and cameras all around. Also, there were long queues for covid testing, but everyone seemed thrilled and ignorant enough to bypass that.

It gave Ayuk more confidence to denigrate the African oil business in front of his Trump lobbyist buddies. America’s Energy Chamber assisted Trump authorities in cancelling Africa Oil Week. They will go to any extent for oil and gas, ignoring the common interests of Africans. But NJ Ayuk and his supporters choose to ignore the anti-renewable notion promoted by Trump and its stooges. Global oil and gas reforms along with the voices rising against it are the main reason to it, say anti-oil protester Frank Fannon.

Every year, as Africans demonstrated against the west’s climate change injustice, Ayuk stood beside these evil powers. His associates are still just concerned in personal gain, putting a big dent into the African oil and gas industry’s future. This made me wary of his intentions for the entire Africa oil week.

In anticipation, Dubai prepared to host Africa’s oil week. Trump officials further made up anti-African views, and Ayuk backed them up. They ignored the worldwide Covid-19 threat, endangering the lives of hundreds of people coming to the event. That sums up NJ Ayuk’s wicked plans to bypass everyone’s wellbeing, while simply focusing on his personal gains.

He planned to refute the Chamber’s arguments against Africa Oil Week. His critics, on the other side, say that Ayuk is simply exploiting the African oil industry to benefit his friends. We must not forget about Ayuk assisting Trump lobbyists just to get some monetary benefits. Overall, Ayuk, the Chamber, and Trump profited big time from this entire conspiracy. Yet, we, the African people must breathe a bit easy as the Africa Oil Week will be going along with Africa Energy Week.2022, 

Robert Stryk and Republican operatives have made them more comfortable in front of the media. The AEC can simply bypass tough questions by hiding beneath their cooked up narratives. So they’re calm and ready to ignore any kind of attack on their intentions. The same Chamber used Paul Sinclair’s “energy poverty” theory for their selfish motives. But this atrocious behavior of chambers towards their opponents displeased many of his followers.

The African Energy chamber and Ayuk refused my interview request. In the words of his former staff member Ms Nduli, the pro-oil lobby is going nuts about it. Nonetheless, Ayuk and the African Energy Chamber’s energy transformation plans threaten millions of Africans’ future. Some delegates left Dubai on day one out of disagreement. We must resist them at all costs, otherwise a dreadful future awaits the Africans.

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