Reasons to hire good 3rd party inspection services in China

Manufacturing product from China can be a bigger risk for many people but China is becoming the economic hub of the world. When manufacturing products or parts from China while want to maintain the best quality, you need to perform the quality inspection process first. There are many companies that perform the inspection by themselves or they hire the third-party inspection team for the process. Using your in0house team can be a convenient option but it is a costly choice indeed. This is the key reason that many people prefer to hire the 3rd party inspection services in China. There are several reasons for hiring such companies.

Reasons to hire third-party inspection services:


The first and foremost reason for hiring 3rd party inspection service is the cost. When you send your in-house team, your cost will rise higher. You need to bear their travel expenses, food and lodging expenses, high salary and so on. When you are hiring the 3rd party inspection services in China, you can cut a huge cost from the travel, food, lodging expenses etc. There are many inspection companies that come up with extended team or office based in China. As they are China-based, you are free from paying the additional cost of inspection services. They will charge only a certain amount for setting up the inspection process, visiting the manufacturing unit and providing the real-time report to you. This cost is much lower than sending your in-house inspection team.

Understanding the locality

If you send your in-house team, language and knowing the locality can be the biggest problem for them. China-based third-party inspection team knows the place well, they know the right places from where the manufacturer company can get the good quality raw materials, raw materials of which place is not appropriate for products etc. They have a good understanding of the local language so that carry out the process more efficiently than the outsiders. Communication through an excellent client manager who is fluent in the local language and English can be a real benefit. There will be no scope of misunderstanding or miscommunication with such a team. Importers also appreciate having such a team.

High level of flexibility

This type of companies come with a great level of flexibility. They offer flexibility also to arrange the inspection session. There will be no tile limit, contracts or any other obligations with them. You can ask them to choose the method of inspection you prefer and they will work as per your preference and time. You can easily book them for an upcoming order without any type of contractual agreement. If you get competitive pricing or you need to inspect manufacturing unit regularly, you can sign a long-term agreement with them.

Package of services

Most of the third-party inspection team offers the package of services at once. They offer pre-shipment, during loading, during manufacturing process or other types of inspection at once and offer real-time report to the company.

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