Teal Swan

Teal Swan – International Author and Popular Spiritual Healer Spreads the Essence of Love and Truth

Men and women often need the help of a spiritual mentor and guide to sail through the pain and suffering of life. This enables them to rise above the sorrow and bring positive change in their lives. They are healers that show light and love. They help one to come close to their true self and lead a better meaningful and blissful life. 

Teal Swan is one such popular spiritual healer and guide who is focused on bringing positive change to the world. She has written six books and is a widely respected and loved international speaker preaching the message of self-development and positive transformation. She is no stranger to pain and suffering as she faced severe child abuse when young and emerged as a true survivor with the intent to help others. According to her, if that phase had not taken place in her life, she would never have known the real pain and suffering. Her personal experience today helps men and women alleviate from the darkness of pain into the light of love and truth. 

No stranger to pain and suffering 

Born in Santa Fe in New Mexico, she was blessed with extrasensory abilities. In fact, it was due to them that she became a victim of pain and suffering. She says this pain has impacted the way she teaches and what she teaches. She is not recommended to people just to feel good, but she is a healer who guides people to see reality. This might not be comfortable all the time; however, it is needed in a real relationship. The modern world is full of pretense, and this is what makes it incomplete. 

Guiding people to a meaningful life

When people become authentic, the world will become whole again. It is her mission to guide people to be true and accept reality in whichever form it comes. She is not the perfect teacher to people who seek spirituality and self-help just to feel good. She is a teacher to those who are ready to embrace and face the truth no matter how uncomfortable things are. However, she believes that sometimes the opposite can happen when the truth is faced, and it is not necessary that one will feel bad after knowing or seeing the full picture. It is the awareness that they gather and learn from that makes all the difference. 

Teal Swan is of the opinion that the only power axis for a human being is to live in reality and truth. However, the truth is a quality that cannot be forced on anyone. Even though it can be painful, it is real. As mentioned above, knowing the truth might not mean sadness; there are cases where people have gone in the opposite directions and have instead led meaningful and blissful lives. She helps such people to alleviate pain and suffering. In this way, they embrace freedom, joy, and authenticity to unfold hidden potential inside them with success!

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