The proper way to choose the right diamond rings for engagement

The proper way to choose the right diamond rings for engagement

Planning to look through the many kinds of diamond rings for engagement? You’ll need to understand that your future wife deserves nothing but the best so here is the proper way to selecting the right rings for her. 

Always be mindful of the shape of the diamond

Diamonds are selected based on their shape and this should always be the top priority. Different diamond shapes provide different looks and aesthetics, for example rounded diamonds will give you the most sparkle out of all the other shapes whereas princess diamonds feature more angular cuts, making it look more contemporary. 

Cushion diamonds, on the other hand are a great choice when going for the vintage look and last but not least, there’s also the famous rectangular or radiant shaped diamonds that offer a fresh alternative to the rest. When it comes to choosing the shape, you should also take into account the personality and possible preferences of the person whom you’re buying the diamond rings for engagement. If you are clueless on this, rest assured that rounded diamonds are by far the most popular choice of all so pick this if you’re really at a loss.

Measuring the size and quality of the diamond

Remember that on every diamond rings for engagement, the star should always be the diamond set at the top. However, depending on your budget, it may not be possible for you to choose a ring that is perfect in terms of both size and quality, and you may have to settle with a tradeoff between the two factors.

Most people will go for a bigger sized diamond as this is the most obvious thing that others will see first. Always be mindful of the fact that diamonds are measured in carats, which is the unit for its weight but it is also used as an accurate approximation of the diamond’s size.

The other important quality of diamond rings for engagement is the diamond’s cut which ultimately determines the overall level of fire, scintillation and of course, the brilliance of the stone. In poorly cut diamonds, you will notice a duller and lackluster look while diamonds with greater cuts from better workmanship will give you that extra shininess that will make every woman’s jaw drop to the floor.

Last but not least, you also need to consider the diamond rings for engagement for its color and overall clarity of the diamond. The clearer the diamond, the purer it is and gives you more shine than the more impure ones. Do keep in mind that this is not for the untrained eye as regular people may not even be able to tell the difference.

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