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Which Brand is Best for Top Load Washing Machines?

Choosing the right washing machine for your home is a key factor in organizing your household chores appropriately. Different types of washing machines are available in the market with so many brands to choose from. Both front and top load washing machines have their unique advantages. One of the reasons why people choose the latter over the former is because you do not need to bend down to feed a top load washing machine. 

Understand your requirements first, before you fall for a marketing gimmick. If you have decided on buying a washing machine, go for quality products such as the LG washing machine for the best results. Shop at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get the best discounts on the leading brands in the market, apart from other perks and privileges.

What are the Best Brands offering Top Load Washing Machines?

Just like with any other appliance, you should only consider premium brands for the best top-load washing machine for a long-lasting relationship with your purchase. Check out the following brands that offer some of the best washing machines in the market.

Samsung: The magic filters in these machines get rid of the undesirable lint and fuzz from your clothes. The top load washing machines from Samsung come with a tempered glass exterior so that you can look at your clothes while they are being spun and washed. Furthermore, these glasses are made to withstand high pressure, so the machine supports rigorous washing of clothes. The smart drying feature in this washing machine turns on the turbo mode in the monsoon when clothes tend to take longer to dry. The efficient diamond-shaped water drainers in these washing machines make sure that the clothes do not get stuck and thus make for risk-free washing.

LG: The smart diagnosis feature in LG washing machines ensures that any issues with the machine are quickly found out and resolved. The BMC protection in the motors makes these machines resistant to corrosion and thus increases their durability. Powerful washing in the turbo drums makes these top load washing machines the go-to washing machine if your clothes have gritty stains on them. With two years of comprehensive warranty and a full 10 years of warranty on the motor, these washing machines are some of the most reliable in the market.

IFB: IFB’s Aqua Energie technology makes for better dissolution of the detergent in the water, thus facilitating better washing. The Aqua Spa Therapy offered by these washing machines is a novelty. The most delicate fabrics are treated aptly by this mechanism, so this top load washing machine is the perfect one to buy if you generally wash a lot of silk and muslin fabrics. These quality washing machines employ a 3D wash system so that the clothes are thoroughly washed, getting rid of every sort of dirt.

Whirlpool: The sixth-sense technology in these top load washing machines saves you a lot of electricity. Since this mechanism can detect the amount of moisture in the clothes, the driers are run optimally. The load size is also detected accurately and the drier is stopped once the clothes are sucked of their moisture. The Power Scrub technology in the Whirlpool washing machines cleans your clothes of the most obstinate stains. The appliance also removes lint and chemical residue after each wash so that they are not added back to the clothes. Typically, Whirlpool washing machines can handle low pressure very well, thus taking up less time to fill up the washer bucket.

Haier: With multiple wash programs, Haier has one of the most sophisticated washing machines in the market. The automatic power-off feature in the appliance lets the machine do its work while you do yours, without risking the misuse of electricity. The 700 RPM spin speed of the washing machine dries the clothes faster than ever, so you do not have to worry if you have kept the washing task till the last moment.

Bosch: The LED display in these top load washing machines helps you switch modes and control the washing machine more effectively. If you are washing specific clothes that require a specific wash cycle, you can preset that particular mode beforehand. The dual dispenser system in the machine makes sure that you have the freedom to choose either—the powder or the liquid detergent. These machines are relatively less noisy during the most rigorous operations, thus making the task fuss-free.

There are several brands in the market that produce quality washing machines. While Samsung uses tempered glass exteriors to heighten aesthetics, others like LG rely on steel drums. Other brands like Whirlpool, Bosch, and Haier produce high-quality energy-saving washing machines that are sure to impress the most jaded of consumers.

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