7 Tips to Choose the Best Boarding School in India

The right environment should be prioritized for your child’s upbringing, and boarding schools provide it. There are hundreds of boarding schools in India, but selecting the best one is the most difficult part. If you have decided to enroll your child in a boarding school, you should learn some Best Boarding school India selection tips.

Here are some factors that you should consider during the selection of Best Boarding School in India:

Specific entry point 

Everything must be completed on time or the child will struggle to cope with his or her surroundings. If you want to enroll your child in a boarding school, you must consider his or her entry point into the school. Every school has a specific point at which students can be admitted. In general, boarding schools accept students after the sixth grade because this is the age at which children can live independently of their parents. Furthermore, it is the age when, with the proper guidance, you can mold the child toward the right path. 

Subject choices and the curriculum 

There is a significant difference between the curriculums of regular schools and boarding schools; choose your subjects carefully. Before enrolling your child, you should review the subjects, study pattern, and study curriculum and compare it to his or her previous school. Make certain that it is not in the opposite direction of your child’s previous school, as this will be expected of him. Make certain that the boarding school provides both academic education and sports activities, as both are essential for the child’s development.

Distance between the home and boarding school 

This factor is very crucial and affects the mental health of the child. There are two options which parents choose

  •  The first one is to prefer the boarding school nearby the home. 
  • And the second one is those who prefer boarding school far from the house. 

Both situations have a reason; if you don’t want to disturb your child while he or she is studying, you should choose a boarding school located far away from the house. However, if you want to give him more care and attention, a nearby boarding school is a good option.

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Without a doubt, boarding schools are very expensive. In India, you can find every type of boarding school, from the most expensive to the most affordable. You can select the best option that fits within your budget. The best way to choose is to look at the yearly fee of the specific boarding school and see if it fits within your budget.

University admissions 

If you look at the top university rank holders, you will notice that the majority of them attended a boarding school. Boarding school students exhibit an additional level of dedication and hard work. The study pattern of boarding schools is very competitive, which distinguishes your child from the others. The boarding school preparation will assist your child in gaining university admission because the admission test will be very simple for your child.

Disciplines and the pastoral care 

After admission, boarding schools are responsible for your child’s overall well-being. They have a comprehensive set of rules and a strict environment that compel your child to work efficiently and diligently. They also set aside time for extracurricular activities that will help your child grow mentally and physically. Along with all of this, the dorm parents will look after your child’s dietary needs, as well as his or her physical and mental health. Before sending your child to school, you should first investigate the school’s policies and ensure his or her safety and security.

Faculty matters 

Whether you choose an expensive boarding school or a more traditional one, you should look at the student-teacher ratio. Because a low teacher-to-student ratio is not a good sign for your child’s future, fewer teachers will not provide the necessary attention and care to each child. Examine the boarding school’s history because it will provide a strong indication of their ability to positively influence your child’s emotional and academic growth.

Finals words:

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