Sunset Desert Safari

About Desert & its Beauty

Undoubtedly, the Dubai desert is stunning with its natural golden dunes. Sunset and sunrise are splendidly fantastic. Have you ever captured that beauty in your camera? No? Don’t you want to go on a desert safari to see the golden beauty?

Sunset Desert Safari is an adventure package for tourists and Dubai visitors who want to travel to a desert to see the desert’s beauty of nature. It is a 1-day tour for tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the desert environment. 

The tour includes all the activities such as camel treks, camel rides, sandboarding, and sand dune climbing. The Safari camp is located near the desert, and guests will have a chance to see the sunset and sunrise from the camp. 

Natural Beauty

During the Dubai desert safari, we can find immense natural beauty in sand dunes and the surrounding greenery. The Dubai desert is probably best known for its golden dunes, and after all, it’s one of the most photographed deserts around the world.

The golden sands are rather subtle inside them, but they seem to be made of pure gold when captured by sunlight in pictures. They’re often used as backdrops for movie scenes and popular wedding photos.

The desert is also home to more than 90 species, including snow-white sand grouse (which aren’t very common) and a large number of endangered-species birds like Lesser Kestrels, Olive-backed Pipits, and Turtle Doves.

Sunset & Sunrise

The sunset in the Dubai desert safari is one of the most beautiful things in Dubai. While it’s been known to be breathtaking, less than one percent of people in Dubai have enjoyed seeing the sunset from the desert. People usually choose to go to the desert in hopes of seeing the sunrise rather than sunset.

Sunrise is also spectacular as the sun rises in a different direction every day of the year. The time is right; you can catch that breathtaking moment when the city’s skyscrapers light up and cast a bright glow on the sand dunes around them. Even those who don’t enjoy watching it should be able to say they’ve witnessed it somewhere.

The best time for seeing this incredible spectacle is usually at sunrise, which happens around 7:00 am. Catch the sunrise in the desert and as the day grows, more and more light will be cast upon the dunes until still more paints its glow across the desert floor below. 

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Evening Shows in desert & Talented Artists

The evening desert shows are fantastic, including belly dance, Tanura dance, Fire show, etc. The best time for seeing the show is from 6 to 9 pm.

The artists and the performers are all talented, and they put their heart and soul into their work. They perform very good in front of the audience. The shows are colorful, and the artists amicably interact with each other.

Belly dance is a traditional Middle Eastern dance form, and women perform it with a very sensual, erotic, and seductive nature. This dance is done by all the women in the Middle East, and they are lovely and make the men go crazy with their dance moves.

The Tanura Dance is a traditional tribal dance of Indian origin. It is performed by girls of all ages, but mainly for young girls. It is performed wearing colorful costumes that have been made with natural materials like silk, wool, and cotton. The main characteristics of this dance are fast movements, rhythmical footwork, gracefulness, and flexibility.

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The Fire Show includes fire dancing, fire manipulation, and pyrotechnic effects using various fireworks to create a fantastic light show at night. The show lasts around 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the audience or on what they want to see in here performance.

These entertainment shows depict the cultural heritage of the desert people. The performances are an excellent opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the Arabian culture.

Final Words

This is all about the true beauty of the desert and you should not miss the chance to see what God has created for us. So, get your hands on suitable packages of Dubai desert safari and enjoy your vacation with a beautiful journey. Don’t forget to bring your camera. 

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