Nelson Partners Talks About the Advantageous Aspects of Professionally Managed Real Estate

Nelson Partners Talks About the Advantageous Aspects of Professionally Managed Real Estate

Real estate is considered to be the best long-term investment opportunity among a large group of investors, far ahead of savings, gold, bonds and stocks. While a lot of people do want to invest in options like private student housing, they often do not have the funds or expertise needed to buy and manage their own apartment properties. This is where professional real estate management companies like Nelson Partners come in.  They provide investors with the security of pooling their money with multiple investors in a diversified portfolio, while also providing the desired offering of asset preservation and capital appreciation.

Even though investments in student housing has gained popularity pretty recently, so has the overall market. The professionally managed global real estate market has grown substantially in recent years.  Many well-established real estate players are a part of this domain, including Nelson Partners.  This company offers individual investors direct ownership interests in institutional quality and professionally managed real estate.  One of the biggest advantages of professionally managed real estate is that it tends to provide a pretty viable exit strategy for highly appreciated equity that can be helpful for people in order to align their next investment with their goals.  A good number of people who really liked appreciation and growing their nest egg two or three decades ago have now changed their focus or core objectives into freeing up their time and growing their income.  For the purpose of helping investors to meet those goals, professional real estate management companies usually targets stable properties that have a long track record of monthly cash flow and high occupancy. Their focus always tends to be on delivering investments that can pay a compelling monthly pass-through income to investors.

A number of properties offered by leading real estate management companies are also structured to be turnkey investments that are eligible for a 1031 Exchange. This comes as a benefit for landlords who get the chance to sell off their properties for the purpose of deferring all capital gains taxes, as well as recapturing taxes if they choose to invest those funds in a replacement property or properties. Hence, rather than having to deal with all the hassles linked with tenants and being a landlord, they can simply do a 1031 Exchange, sell off the property, and subsequently move it into two or more properties that are income producing and managed by someone else. In many situations, they are able to enjoy income, and consistent monthly cash flow without having to deal with tenants, and hence can spend free time on things that are more important. This can range from going to their grandkids’ baseball game to spending time on a cruise or golfing. Detailed insights about the domain of professionally managed real estate can be found on the websites companies specializing in this industry like Nelson Partners.  This company performs high-level on-going due diligence on every property they have been involved in.

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