Reddy Kancharla

Reddy Kancharla – Know the Difference Between QA and QC in the Construction Industry

In the field of construction, there are basic differences between quality assurance and quality control. Stakeholders should be aware of this difference whether they are contractors or proprietors of any infrastructure project. It is beneficial for people who are not technically involved in the industry, especially for those who are new and keen on establishing their housing units, to know, understand, and later differentiate between the QA and QC correctly. In this way, they can plan and expect the outcome of their projects accordingly. 

Reddy Kancharla – An expert, speaks on the difference between QA and QC 

Reddy Kancharla completed his master’s in civil engineering from Texas Tech University at Lubbock after he received his bachelor’s degree from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. In the past years, his professional responsibilities have covered the designing and investigation of foundations for different types of structures, the identification and the correction of discrepancies in construction, the examination of structural failures and remedial designs, and phases of construction with the development and the implementation of quality systems as per the standards of ISO and scheduling of different project elements.

 He has worked with several projects, and they include many high-rise developments in New York City, the Yankee Stadium, the USTA National Tennis Center, The Giants/Jets Stadium, and Terminals 1,4, 5, and 7 of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport. He is now based at Briarcliff Manor in New York. 

Different purposes and objectives 

Fundamentally, both QA and QC have different purposes and objectives that are diverse in nature, and they are used in different and various phases of any construction project. During the phase of design, the team engaged in quality assurance monitors these procedures that the firm in construction has executed and guarantees that its design meets the standards of quality. 

In a similar way, the team that focuses on QA exacts all the parameters, the rules that are needed in drawing the preparation, approval, and revision, along with the specifications and criteria for the proposed materials used in the drawing.  On the other hand, quality control examines the skills and qualifications of the experts designated to manage whether they match the specific experience needed for the project. The quality control team ensures that these drawings bear the correct identification along with the required signatures for the procurement of materials that should be accurate for the project. 

Materials procurement 

In the phase for materials procurement, the QA creates a system for evaluation for discerning who among the applicants for the supply of materials has the capability, means, and integrity to produce the specified quality. QA suggests whether calls should be made to the facilities of the potential supplier or not. 

All of the above suggestions should be incorporated by the QC that needs to incorporate corrective actions if the quality of the materials delivered is not at par with the expected quality standards. During the period of construction. QA sets the initiative for setting the correct parameters for construction. It sets a process for evaluation of construction specifications or the descriptions for setting up the standards that will match your client’s quality preferences and compliance with building permits and legal requirements. 

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