Rajasthan desert safari

Rajasthan Desert Safari: Everything You Need to Know

The western state of Rajasthan is full of cultural values, traditions, natural beauties, and endless deserts. The golden sand of Rajasthan develops its beauty. Tourists from corners of the world come to enjoy the soft breeze of the Rajasthan desert. The Sahara Desert of Rajasthan is surrounded by yellow sand and creates a romantic and peaceful environment. With lots of adventure, the Rajasthan desert safari welcomes visitors worldwide. Additionally, the traditional camel safari of the Rajasthan desert increases the excitement level of the visitors. 

Moreover, the vibrant nights, soft breeze, and folk dance evenings of the Rajasthan desert safari provide memorable moments to the tourists. Especially the luxurious night camps of Rajasthan desert give a fantastic experience to the tourists. But the Rajasthan desert safari will be more comfortable if you book the Rajasthan tour packages by LIH. You will get exciting offers and outstanding facilities to explore the Rajasthan desert in the Rajasthan tour package. Learn the details about the Rajasthan desert safari below. 

Two Types of Rajasthan Desert Safari

In Rajasthan, you will enjoy the safari in two ways. One is a traditional camel safari, and another is a jeep safari. Both mediums will provide unforgettable memories to you. If you are confused about selecting one, this article will give you better suggestions. 

Camel Safari

Camel safari in Rajasthan

One of the most beautiful and enjoyable Desert safaris of Rajasthan is the Camel safari. The camels are known as the ships of the desert, so you will get a fantastic experience from the Camel safari in Rajasthan. By sitting on the back of the Camel, you will enjoy the splendid beauty of the golden sands of the Sahara Desert. Additionally, the hump of the Camel provides you with a bumpy ride in the desert. 

You will cover all the corners of the Sahara Desert with Camel. During your desert safari, you also explore the lifestyle of traditional Rajasthan people. Moreover, you also see the sunset view of the Jaisalmer camel safari. The beautiful dunes of Sam Desert will increase your excitement level of desert safari. During your Rajasthan desert safari, you will enjoy the traditional dance and songs of Rajasthan. The welcome drink and sounds of dhol will make your desert trip memorable. The lovely views of the desert sunset provide happiness and peace together. 

Moreover, it takes 5 to 6 hours to cover the desert safari with a Camel. You can enjoy the camel ride from morning to evening. The best of the camel safari is the smooth and cold breezy evening. So it will make your desert safari more beautiful. 

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari in Rajasthan

Jeep safari is the perfect choice to explore the Rajasthan desert with friends and family. You will get a comfortable and adventurous journey with your jeep safari. You can also explore the fun elements during your jeep safari. Additionally, you will enjoy the songs in your jeep safari. Definitely, it takes very little time to cover the Rajasthan desert with a jeep. So if you are a quickie person, select jeep safari to explore the desert. 

Moreover, the open-top safari of the jeep will overwhelm your heart. You will also enjoy visiting the desert national park on your jeep ride. Some jeep safari of desert safari Rajasthan Jodhpur will allow visiting Padholi Sanctuary. It will be a hugely enjoyable moment if you select a jeep safari to explore the sand views of the Rajasthan desert. 

Tips for Desert Safari in Rajasthan

These tips will help you to enjoy the Rajasthan desert safari Jaisalmer. You can comfortably explore the Rajasthan desert with the help of these tips. So learn them below. 

  • During your Jaisalmer safari you must carry a hat, cap, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. 
  • Don’t forget to cover your body with a long-sleeve shirt, trousers, and boots to get relief from sun damage. The rays of the sun in the desert are scorching, so protect yourself from them.
  • Additionally, keep your camera in your bag, because you will get many beautiful views during your desert safari. 
  • Also, keep light, toilet paper, medical kit, water bottle and towel with you for a comfortable journey.
  • If you visit the desert during the winter season, you must carry woolens for the night hours because the temperature goes down at night in the deserts of Rajasthan. 

Highlights and Attraction of Desert Safari in Rajasthan

During your Rajasthan desert safari, you can explore many new and interesting things. The highlights of the Rajasthan desert make your desert safari more exciting, adventurous, and luxurious. Let’s learn some highlights and attractions of the Rajasthan desert safari below. 

Sam Sand Dunes Biking

On your desert trip, you get the chance to ride the Quad bikes to enjoy the journey. A vast desert area of Rajasthan will specially prepare for quad bike riding. The sand riding point is about 42 to 45 kilometers from Jaisalmer. Apart from these, the sand roads are well maintained by the Indian army so that you will get complete protection for bike riding. The combination of biking and dune bash will make the trip more memorable. The best time to enjoy the Sam dunes biking is sun rising and sunset. So prepare a plan according to that.

Folk Dance and Song at Evening

The sands of Rajasthan told the cultural values and practices of the state. During your desert safari, the main highlight is folk dance and songs in the evening. With a soft and cold breeze, the sprinkle of the folk dance of Rajasthan creates a great environment. The ladies with traditional dress dance in hook steps of Ghoomar, which provides a fantastic experience to the visitors. The lighted night views of the desert provide relaxation to the visitors. So don’t forget to watch the evening dance shows of the Rajasthan desert safari.

Luxurious Desert Camps 

Another highlight of the desert safari in Rajasthan is luxurious desert camps. In the sands of Sahara, you will get many options of luxurious camps with all the accommodations. Your desert night will be more beautiful when you enjoy the authentic foods of Rajasthan in your desert camps. The lighted tent houses of the desert will provide you with beautiful and romantic memories. 

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In conclusion, the Rajasthan desert safari is an excellent option for spending your vacation. You can enjoy camel riding, jeep riding, quad bike riding, sunset, and desert sunrise in the break. So book your next holiday for the Rajasthan tour to enjoy the above moments.  

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